Thursday, January 26, 2012


My Chemical Free Life is about my journey towards eating (and living) without chemicals. Since turning 30 I have been plagued with illness. Strange sensations in my head, burning stomach, leg cramps, and vision problems are just a few of the grievances. Adding to my list, I am also wildly overweight. I've tried it all, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, you name it, and the "Getting Started" materials are floating around my house. Although I lost weight, I never felt that any of them were particularly healthy for me (just look at the long list of words you can't pronounce on the prepared dishes.)

I stumbled across The Perfect 10 Diet-10 Key Hormones That Hold The Secret To Losing Weight and Feeling Great while googling "symptoms of a sluggish thyroid." I purchased it and launched into another "health book."

Almost immediately I identified with the idea-hormones control everything in your body, and mine are totally screwed up because of all the chemicals I put into it. My insulin is astronomical from all the sugar that I eat, my thyroid is sluggish from my diet of fast food, and I have no sex drive because I've basically been killing off my sex hormones with my poor eating habits. A lightbulb went off! No wonder I feel like death. I don't eat fruit, or vegetables, or anything of any real nutritional value.

I've got to change, and I have to start right now or I will not be alive to see my son graduate kindergarten.

Out of the need to be accountable, My Chemical Free Life was born. I plan on posting my weight loss/get-healthy journey along with recipes, articles on cutting out chemicals, and anything else that I think might help me and others in the same boat.

Interested in following along? You can start with my weekly updates found here.

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